:-( Will it taste just as good with semi-sweet, or should I not even make it now? How about this: will your pie pan fit in a large freezer bag? Salted Caramel Pecan Chocolate Pie has an Oreo crust, a salted caramel pecan layer, and a thick chocolate ganache layer topped with sea salt! Hey, You'll also love that this is an easy pie to put together. It’s super chocolaty ? Amanda, That actually worked out perfectly! Thank you so much for sharing! Why is it only 9 AM? Made this the other day and we were all blown away….amazing good. Sure, I would add regular table salt to the butter and brown sugar before you melt it. This will be my take along dessert whenever asked to bring something. When the competition was over and the pie was handed out I came to get my pie tin and someone in my grade was licking the bottom of the pie tin… Anyway if you are considering making this pie please do beacause it is, as my grandpa would say, FANTASTIC!!! I have made caramel several times with mixed results every time. Made this for Super Bowl Sunday. Hope this helps! :). Girl, I am DYING over this pie! It all fit right in the middle :), I just made this as my special birthday treat. :) Just try to keep them as cool as you can, I’m not sure how well any gooey dessert would hold up with extended exposure to 122ºF. I’ve never made caramel. I’m going to make this dessert this week and based on the reviews, I may try that to be safe! Is there any fixed guideline in using Oreo? It was absolutely perfect! Do you think this would work on a regular Pyrex pan (9″ x 1.2″)? Making this as I type.. Ah, I am waiting the 15 min for the caramel layer. the prep seems super simple to do, even when you’ve got a lot of other things going. TIA! Cook over medium heat, whisking constantly, until mixture begins to bubble. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I know Oreos are vegan, but do you think I could substitute vegetable oil “buttery” spread for butter, peanut butter for the caramel and some other substitute for the cream for the ganache? We loved it! Thanks for a great recipe! It fits, and it looks very elegant! Cool for about an hour before adding the filling. Cool pie completely (about 1 hour). Oh wow! omg! Absolutely love this pie. :) Let us know if you do! I am curious after reading all these comments (but no answers on those) if the problem may be whether the person is “making/whipping” the heavy whipping cream before adding as ingredients to the caramel and the chocolate??. Caramel and chocolate makes the bars taste amazing! I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. If you have any questions about what camera I use or how I edit my photos, check out my photography tutorials. OMG this looks so amazing Amanda!! Amanda this is INSANE!! This was so easy but tastes WOW!!! I want to make this for Thanksgiving but I was wondering what you thought about using a high quality store bought caramel sauce. It is so delicious! Made it, loved it! I made this for Thanksgiving and it.is.freaking.awesome! i just wanted to let the world I made this recipe and it turned out great. Any suggestions would be appreciated as I’m hoping to try this again later this week! :(. Thoughts? Gooey caramel. http://instagram.com/p/xA3PSFtS_9/?modal=true. lemon juice, and 1/4 cup water to a boil in a medium saucepan over high heat. Absolutely scrumptious pie and a big hit at work. This was easy to make and it is delicious. Wow! A definite hit and will be making again soon. Since the test batch went well, I made the pie for the Christmas eve dessert contest. :). Thanks! I have both the deep quiche pan, and the shallow tart pan. Mini Salted Caramel Chocolate Pies are decadent little bites that are perfect for any holiday cocktail party. You forgot the salt! Scatter over the raspberries and pistachios, if using, and a little sea salt. I was wondering how well the tart would hold up if we eat outside on a really hot day (although, I sincerely doubt there will be any left, once my brother spots it)? I’m also thinking of making this in mini muffin tins with the papers for tiny desserts to add to a dessert plate. Pour this over the salted caramel base and return to the fridge to set for an hour. One question, do you use the cream filling in the oreos as well? After step 2 ( directions) my mix was dark brown, nowhere close that vibrant yellow color on your picture. It’s for a birthday at work tomorrow! Only I wonder it says salted caramel but there’s no salt at all in the recipe for the caramel???? Thank you! To assemble the chocolate pie: Pour the completely cooled caramel onto the pie crust and spread evenly. how long do you chill it in the fridge ? Wow! If you were to use only dry chocolate cookies, you’d need more butter, and probably some sugar, or the crust would fall apart. JURY’S IN – a winner! I’m thinking of making bars or mini muffin tin ones ahead of time for Christmas. Hope this helps. Place remaining bittersweet baking chips in a microwave safe bowl. This was so good!! What can be bad lol! I made this for Thanksgiving. Good luck! This is so perfect for the upcoming holidays! Everyone loved it. I love the recipe! :). this looks like it will fix anything that ails you lol. I am going to layer the rest on top. Maybe for our family reunion? SALUDOS ABRAZO. I love that it’s no bake, too. Amanda this pie looks so yummy and dangerous. I think the caramel has to reach a certain temperature before it will set up correctly in the refrigerator. Would baking it like you do a graham crust help? I wanted to ask you the same question. ), Place chocolate chips in a glass bowl. Can’t wait to make this pie! Your recipe, based upon the ingredients and method, makes butterscotch; not caramel. I made this last week and it was AMAZING. I’m very excited to take a bite! I used dark brown sugar and it is very dark but taste good. I made it into a bar (at Christmas) and it worked out very well. If you don't have espresso caramel, salted or bourbon would work great too! Will you brainstorm with me on how to possibly make this into bite sized pieces? I was going to make it for a party a week ahead of time. Allow caramel to sit for 1 minute. Very rich, and it is now my favorite dessert ever! i have made this luscious oreo pie several times and it was delicious every time and so easy to make. this pie was so yummy! That pie is ridiculously delicious looking! Chill a few minutes till set. Hello, can I use a chocolate bar, dark, instead of chicolate chips?! The rich chocolate cookie/cakes are offset by the surprising salted … It’s really awesome. There are only 7 ingredients in this luscious pie. Thank you fro sharing. Salted caramel is one of my most favorite flavors, along with CHOCOLATE! Because to me it looked like mud swimming in caramel haha. Pour the cream over the chocolate and let sit for 5 minutes, then whisk until smooth and fully combined. Serve immediately. Hmm… a week might be a tad long. I made the caramel layer with salted butter. What I made wrong ? Yes, it should definitely work in a glass pie pan. What can you do if the chocolate part does not want to set?? I made it today, and it is so so good! The flavors of each layer plus the salt = divine!! What makes the caramel salted? NEED! Thanks for the amazing recipe! Making it this weekend for a work pie off. This dessert was beautiful, decadent and one of the simplest things I have made. Hope this helps! Create the top chocolate layer by placing chocolate chips and 1 cup heavy whipping cream in a microwave safe bowl. I have followed your steps exactly and the caramel is always too runny. When ready to serve your dark chocolate pie, sprinkle the top with a flaky sea salt, like kosher salt or I like using this Fleur De Sel. I made this with the chocolate Oreos. Hi Amanda, I love the recipe! I’m not sure what I did wrong, but I made this the other night and mine was like a big bowl of soup. It was relatively easy to make and everyone really loved it. Can I make this with pumpkin, if so how would I do so? Ingredients List. Remove the pie from the freezer and pour the This pie looks amazing and so simple to make! It’s amazing…I’m eating my leftovers as I type :). OMG SO amazing!!! Hmmm, I would probably make a pumpkin pie, then add the caramel and chocolate layers on top. Hi Carolina! The bottom is removable, so the rim just pops right off, revealing this beautiful chocolate crust. I am NOT a pie person, because I don’t really care for fruit in my desserts or crust….so THIS is definitely the pie for me!!! Could you add some salt to the caramel mixture instead of putting it on top? I’m doing a treat bar and want everyone to try it! So simple but so decadent. I have never done it, but I don’t see why not! It was the best pie I have ever tasted. Thanks a lot, Next time, I’ll make a bit more caramel for the middle layer. Decadent chocolate. However I’m wondering what happened to my caramel center. Pinned! Do be sure to add the salt on each piece just before serving as it will dissolve into the chocolate after a few hours. Wow, my tastebuds can’t wait to try this! :). Can’t wait to try. A small piece is enough, and I don’t say that very often when it comes to chocolate — and caramel. How to make Chocolate Turtle Pie Melt chocolate chips and butter in microwave; spread on the bottom of the pie crust. Scrape the condensed milk into a 9-by-13-inch glass baking dish and sprinkle with a scant 1/2 teaspoon of fleur de sel. Will it be impossible to get out of a shaped pan? I need this pie! Thanks for sharing Amanda! The yin-yang flavour combination of the salted caramel is further enhanced with the dark chocolate pieces … HAD to make this tonight! :) Hope this helps! Thank you !! The filling in this pie looks positively addictive. TIA! Pour the slightly cooled chocolate mixture into the cream and gently mix together until just combined. Boil, swirling occasionally after sugar begins to change color, 8 minutes or until dark amber. OK. I did. It looks amazing, however I’m not a fan of caramel. This looks to die for! Thanks in advance! They’re some of the best bars I’ve ever made. I did at 6 in the morning. Any tips on how to solidify the caramel? Tried this on a trial run last weekend and my husband and daughter and I adored it. As soon as my post came up, I saw the one directly above it! Oops. I have to admit, going full time at this blogging thing has been awesome and terrifying, but almost entirely awesome. Melt the butter and brown sugar in a small saucepan, whisking constantly, until the mixture begins to boil. i have made this recipe and it is absolutely fantastic!! I made it yesterday and everyone loved it. All of them together is genius! Love them and it looks like I am going to love this dessert!!! I would line the pan with foil so you could lift it out easier to cut it. totally trying this! Hey. We love us some chocolate,caramel, and Oreos! The poor pumpkin pie didn’t stand a chance of being chosen with that showstopper. You can easily find huge 2-gallon ziploc bags this time of year. We all couldn’t believe how amazingly delicious this dessert tastes and looks!!! i made this once with heavy cream….AMAZING! Dark chocolate pie with a layer of salted caramel and an Oreo cookie crust. Was I supposed to use salted butter? I’ve made this several times and my family LOVES it, but I can’t ever get the caramel right. Next time, I wisked the sugar/cream mixture more and didn’t have the problem. Love all of the interactions in the comments too! Take a tour of our house. Thank you so much for sharing this recipe. Any ideas? Thanks for the fantastic recipe! (But be forewarned, rich!) Tweet. it is one of our favorites if not these favorite. I made it and took it to a friends for dinner and everyone loved it! Thanks so much for the recipe! But it was delicious anyway! OMG, only five ingredients for all of that wonderfulness?!

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